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As a multi-disciplinary theatre artist, I refuse to let myself be put in a box, which I have also found is useful advice for physically not being put in a box. Below, learn more about the theatre projects I create. If you're interested in my other theatrical work, especially as a wardrobe supervisor and dramaturg, please check out my resume!

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God and Abraham Play Ping Pong 

In the wake of the biggest betrayal of his life, Abraham’s faith in God is shaken forever. In the wake of a delicious snack, God’s faith in himself may not be what it seems. In the end, who is right, and who is hungry? In an exploration of faith, the meaning of life, and the rules of cards, the story of Abraham and his infallible God takes a left turn from the Torah and veers into territory that no one ever thought to chart.

Performed at the Minnesota Fringe Festival, the Pittsburgh Fringe Festival, Walking Shadow Readers Theater, and Drew University in partnership with Ensemble Studio Theater.

Tony Ricci Has Acid Reflux

Harold Stein is an unsuccessful comedian. He's also bad with authority. When he gets involved with the head of the Italian mafia, killing onstage has a different meaning. 

Performed at Drew University and given a reading by the New Jersey Play Lab. 

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Baba Yaga and the Federal Trade Commission

Baba Yaga loves hosting her Home Shopping Network show. She also hates the government. Will a consumer protection agency stand a chance against the owner of a house on chicken feet?

Performed at the Queens Short Play Festival, Walking Shadow Readers Theater, No Exit Theater Collective, and Drew University.

Enemy of The People Productions

Enemy of The People is an artistic production company based on the idea of producing interesting work in all of its definitions. Founded by Erin Gruodis-Gimbel and Tessa Bagby, Enemy of The People lives by the principle of "unfortunately relevant". 

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