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Erin Gruodis-Gimbel (heretofore in the first person) is a writer, fact-checker, teacher, wardrobe supervisor, and generally good person.


I am a monthly contributor at Beyond Belief where I cover anything they let me get away with, and have written for COPY and SEEN Magazine. My fiction has been featured in JAKE and Insanity's Horse. As a playwright who prides herself on the silly, my plays have been performed at the Queens Short Play Festival, the Minnesota Fringe Festival, the Pittsburgh Fringe Festival, Drew University, Walking Shadow Readers Theater, and No Exit Theater Collective.


As a theatre artist, I have worked with Cherry Lane Theatre, Second Stage, The Joyce, New York Live Arts, the New York City Children's Theatre, New Jersey Play Lab, Commonwealth Shakespeare Company, Alliance Theater, Drew University, The Virtual Theater Collaboration, Glimmer Globe Theater, Everyman Theater, and RoundHouse Theater.


I am the recipient of the Robert F. Oxnam/Ensemble Studio Theater Award for Excellence in Playwriting for her play God and Abraham Play Ping Pong.  


Currently, I am working on a book, two plays, and a big theory on what really happened in Inception. 

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